Historical Buildings in Belitung

Ex-Home Office of Assistent Hoofdadministrateur Billiton Maatschappij
Other historic buildings include the houses used by the Dutch Governmnet officials during the Dutch period. This Building ws built in 1862 the first to be built in Tanjung Pendam. Presently the house managed by the Belitung government and used as a guest house for government officials.

Catholic Church
Regina Pacis, this catholic church is also one of the remaining historical building left by the dutch which is still quite well maintaned over the years. According to the cultural and tourism department of Belitung the catholic church was built in 1909 the old characteristics can be seen from the architectural design of the windows which still uses materials of that period. The building still preserves the original shape eversince it was first established.

Source: Amazing Bangka Belitung

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