Situated on the south coast, its white sandy beach and the formation of large granite boulders and sloping beach along the unique and authentic village atmosphere at the Stone Coast holes. Crossing the island with fishermans boat to Seliu Island is an industrial centre of the home manufactures of seafood crackers, salted fish.

Membalong is approximately 60Km south off Tanjung Pandan and about 1 hour drive. Seliu island is 30 minutes form Teluk Gembira island.

In Membalong tourists can relax on the beach stone pit, climb the giant rock Penyabong, lunch at the fishing shop, a walk on Batu Seliu Beginde island and hiking into a pair of giant granite boulders of the steep hills and mystical impression. Enjoy the sights of the open sea from the top hill .

Source: Belitung

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