Mrs.Janah Shop

The shop located right next to the Coffee Shop Ake. The 63-year-old woman is a second generation, continuing the pioneering efforts of his mother since 1925. The main menu is ketarap or better known as the napoleon fish is a combination of sour and spicy soup. Mrs. Janah also sells Soto Billiton, which contains pieces of rice cake wrapped in leaves sipur, potato slices, cucumber glass noodles, spicy gravy poured spices. Sauce is slightly sweet taste like curry. There are also noodles with a sauce based belitung rebon shrimp.

Soto Belitung Rp.8.000,-
Belitung Noodle Rp.8.000,-
Gangan ikan Rp.15.000,-/porsi
Teh tarik Rp.5.000,-

Source: Enjoying Bangka Belitung

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