Satam Stone Craftswork

Satam stone is a kind of black stones like precious stones in general. Satam much sought after collector’s stone and used as jewelry. The uniqueness of the stone is carved surface is patterned as a unique and irregular. Satam terms of language Chinese citizens residing in the island Pacific Islands. SA, which means sand, while TAM means bile. so Satam means the bile of sand. While the indigenous people themselves interpret Islands satam is a black stone.

Among the Belitung community, Satam stone believed to have magical powers as an antidote to poison and repellent elements of supernatural beings. Many tourists always fing the time to buy Satam stone necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, beads, and so the baton.

Perhaps the story, the stone is derived from asteroid fragments that fall in Belitung island in the past and buried in the soil. Satam stone was found when the tin mining industry began to operate in Belitung Islands. The stones appeared to the surface together with soil dredged from the earth by tin miners. In advertently Satam stones were found by the miners. Because of the unique carvings on its surface, this stone becomes attractive to be used as jewelleries.

One stone crafters Firman Zulkarnain Satam which has engaged Satam stone handicraft business for 19 years have succeeded in bringing Satam stone to the event’s name Belitung Island exhibitions nationally and internationally. According to the Word, customers were keen to buy crafts that are sold Satam starting price of 100,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars an.

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Source: Amazing Bangka Belitung

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