Snack at Sriwijaya Street

Encik Variety Snack
Middle-aged woman or more familiarly called Encik sells cakes every afternoon held a table in a small alley in the way of Srivijaya. Encik have been selling cup cakes, bun and bacang for almost 30 years.

Gado-gado Nuriyah
Nuriyah have been doing business for 20 years, since she was a girl. Business hours starts at 4pm,customers line up just to have a taste of her Gado-Gado which can be eaten in or wrapped.

Kue mangkok Rp.1.500,-
Bacang abon ikan Rp.3.000,-
Bakpau ayam Rp.2.500,-
Bakpau kacang ijo Rp.2.500,-
Gado-gado Rp.9.000,-

Source: Enjoying Bangka Belitung

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