Tanjung Kelayang Cafe House

Tanjung Kelayang Beach located in sijuk regency is one of the spot for tourists and local to enjoy the beautiful scenery and beach atmosphere. This place is ideal for a days of relaxation as we can sit back in small café houses along the beachside enjoying seafood and local cuisines. There are about 10 café houses in the beach

Warung SMS

The restaurant is famous for its trade ketarap. Ketarap fish is typical fish that live on the edge of rocky coasts, fatty fish in the head, it feels soft, so it becomes target of the culinary connoisseur.

Warung SMS
Kampung Baru, Tanjung Kelayang
Open-18.00wib pkl.08.00
since 1998

Gangan Ketarap Rp70.000,- /kg/porsi
Ikan bulat, ilak Rp.7.000,-/porsi

Nyiur Melambai Cafe
Like the SMS Cafes, this beach serves gangan ketarap also empek-empek ( traditional fish cake) for an afternoon snack while enjoying the panorama of the sea. From this shop you can rent a fishing boat to explore the small islands nearby, which can be completed within 1 hour.

Empek-empek Rp.5.000,-
Gangan ketarap Rp.70.000,- /kg

Source: Enjoying Bangka Belitung

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