Tong Jie Coffee Shop

The little coffee shop located at the corner of west street siburik is also one of the historical coffee shop it is the second oldest is Tanjung Pandan city. It started 70 years ago in 1937. Its customers varies from many different backgrounds from artists, politicians to tin miners. The business is now run by the third generation names Isjon Haidi.

Like many other coffee shops, it still prepares coffee traditionally and having a cup of coffee at this place will bring back nostalgic memories of the old times. With simple wooden chairs and tables a little cramped room with no air conditioning, which can accommodate 10 people.

Warung Kopi Tiong Jie
Jl. Siburik Barat Pojok No.4, Tanjung Pandan
opens daily 5am-4pm, since 1937

Source: Enjoying Bangka Belitung

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